Express Moving – Helping San Diego County Move with Ease

Moving can be a stressful and exhausting experience. While it’s possible to move your belongings on your own, hiring qualified movers can make the whole process go by much faster and smoother. That’s why so many people looking for movers in San Diego turn to Express Moving. Our company has years of experience on our side, which means great efficiency and speed as well as careful attention to your items. We make every move an easy one for our customers.

Express Moving can assist with different kinds of moves

Whether you’re a household going from one residence to another, a business looking to switch office space, or a proud member of our military who’s relocating to another city, our movers are here for you.

Residential Moving Services

Whether it’s a house, an apartment, a condo, or a dorm, moving can be a chore. With Express Moving, you’ll have less to worry about. Our team will help bring items to and from your two locations, allowing you to relax and rest easy while we handle the difficult part. Our pricing is competitive and reasonable, and our service and commitment to customer care is top-notch.

Moving Services for Corporations/Businesses

When your business goes from one location to another, it’s important to keep your items safe and free from damage. Our movers have helped corporate businesses throughout San Diego with their moving needs. Thanks to our quick and easy moving services, we help companies get up and running again assoon as possible.

Moving Services for Members of the Military/Armed Forces

Members of the military often move because of new assignments. Even if moving is a routine part of military life, it’s still a stressful situation. Express Moving helps reduce that stress. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the army, navy, air force, or marines, and it doesn’t matter if you’re moving within the state, between states, or overseas. We’re here to help.

Speak with Our Movers for More Information

If you need help with residential, corporate, or military relocation and live in San Diego, the movers of Express Moving can help you. We’d be more than happy to discuss all of your needs, our pricing plans, as well as other services we offer. Express Moving can be reached by phone at (858) 531-3618 and can also be reached via email at